Resetting the Oil Life Monitor In Your Car

Changing your oil is not like how it used to be.  Back in the old days you would check the dip stick every time you filled up with gas.  When 3,000 miles rolled around you changed the oil.  Now ask your 17 year old how to check the oil in their car and most of the time they will point at the engine life monitor on the car.  We rely on electronics to tell you when to change your oil not the regular 3,000-mile approach.  Many people still go by the traditional 3,000 mile approach to change their oil while others follow the oil life monitor system.  We do not suggest one is better then the other but we do agree that changing your oil is important!

The oil life monitor is a great tool to track how much oil you have left remaining in your car.  So if you like to change your oil on your own many people have a hard time finding a way to reset or make the engine oil life monitor light turn off or reset.  Our Quick Lube team down at Art Gamblin Motors Truck Center in Enumclaw was happy to put together two videos on how to update your oil life monitor.

Jordan our Quick Lube Manager demonstrates you how to reset your oil life monitor on the Chevrolets that do not have the four button driver information screens.  If your engine oil light comes on and you have changed your oil Jordan shows you the quick and easy way how to reset the monitor. Put the key in the ignition (do not start the car) push on the gas pedal 3 times, the oil life light will flash a couple of times.  The oil life monitor has been updated.

Kraig a Quick Lube technician shows how to change the oil life monitor in the new Chevrolet’s with the driver information screen that has the four button controls located either on the steering wheel or the dash.  Kraig demonstrates that you need to turn the key over but do not turn the car on, scroll through the vehicle options and find the oil life monitor reading it will give you a percentage of how much oil life you have remaining. While looking at the oil life screen hold the check mark for about 5 seconds and it will update the oil life monitor.

Changing your oil

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet

It has been well over 30+ years since the Chevrolet commercial that had everyone singing Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet.  A lot has changed since the 1970’s but baseball is still America’s past time and Chevrolet is still alive and kicking.  Over the years Chevrolet has been a proud sponsor of baseball from the highest level all the way down to the little leagues.  The tradition continues as Chevrolet has donated money to little leagues all over the country part of the Youth Baseball Sweepstakes.

Art Gamblin Motors had the opportunity to present the Chinook Little League in Enumclaw with a $500 check at their Jamboree April 17, 2010.  John VanWieringen and Tyson Gamblin were excited to be part of Chinook Little Leagues opening ceremonies to kick off the little leagues 2010 season.  Along with the $500 check Chevrolet is sponsoring a raffle where little leaguers will be selling tickets for a chance to win a brand new Chevy.  It is a nation-wide drawing and tickets are only $5.  All the proceeds go directly to the Chinook Little League.

The Chinook Little League has the opportunity to earn as much as $10,000 via raffle sales!  Not only are the raffle tickets good for a chance to win a new Chevrolet, but the raffle tickets are valid for $5 off an oil change at Art Gamblin Motors Quick Lube.

The Chinook Little League was very thankful for their $500 check from Chevrolet and excited to participate in the Chevrolet Youth Baseball Sweepstakes.  It was a nice day out and it was a great day for baseball.  So next time you see your little neighbor outside with his glove and ball ask him about the raffle.

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