1952 Dodge Pickup

1952 Dodge Pick Up Blue

Every once in a while we will get something on trade that is unique.  In previous years, we have taken in horses, campers and motorcycles.  But what really makes our job fun is when the old classics roll through.  This was the case the other day when a customer wanted to trade in his 1952 Dodge Pickup.

We put the truck right on the grass in front of the dealership and it has been the hit of the town.  We get customers stopping every day asking about the truck.  We even had a local farmer flipped through some of his early 50’s Farmer Magazines and find this Dodge Advertisement. Click the link below to check out the advertisement.

1952 Dodge Pickup Advertisment

Save Your Gas This Summer

With fuel prices on the rise this summer, we thought we would share some tips that will make your tank of gas last a little longer.

1. Avoid High Speeds- As your speed increasees, your drag increases. Driving 62 mph vs. 75 mph will reduce fuel consumption by about 15%.

2. Do Not Accelerate or Brake Hard- By anticipating the traffic and applying slow steady acceleration and braking, fuel economy may increase by as much as 20%.

3. Keep Tires Properly Inflated- Keep tire air pressure at the level recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. A single tire under inflated by 2 PSI, increases fuel consumption by 1%. Another option would be inflating your tires using Nitrogen. Nitrofill is a great way to keep your tires properly inflated while extending the life of your tires as well.

4. Use A/C Sparingly- When the air conditioner is on, it puts extra load on the engine forcing about 20% more fuel to be used. The defrost position on most vehicles also uses the air conditioner.

5. Keep Windows Closed- Having windows open, especially on the highway, increases drag and decreases fuel economy by about 10%.

6. Service Vehicle Regularly– Proper maintenance avoids poor fuel economy related to dirty air filters, old spark plugs or low fluid levels.

7. Use Cruise Control- Maintaining a constant speed over long distances often saves gas.

8. Avoid Heavy Loads- Remove the sand bags from your truck in the spring and pack lightly for long trips.

9. Avoid Long Idles- If you anticipate being stopped for more than 1 minute, shut off the car. Restarting the car uses less fuel than letting it idle for this time.

10. Purchase a Fuel Efficient Vehicle- When buying a new vehicle, examine the vehicles rated fuel efficiency. Usually choosing a small vehicle with a manual transmission will provide you with great fuel economy.

General Motors offers a great selection of fuel efficient vehicles at affordable prices. The all new Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Impala, Buick Regal are all great options when looking for a fuel efficient car.

New Manager at Truck Center

John Vanwieringen Sales Manager Truck Center

John VanWieringen Sales Manager Gamblin Truck Center

There is a new Sherriff in town! John VanWieringen is the new Sales Manager at Art Gamblin Motors Truck Center.  John was recently promoted, due to his hard work and commitment to his customers.  John is thrilled to take on the new challenge of being manager. He is dedicated to getting customers a fair deal and a car that fits their needs.

John is a local guy that has spent his whole live in the Enumclaw Area.  After a hard day’s work at Gamblin Motors Truck Center, John may be caught in the evenings driving a tractor on his local farm.

So stop on in and say hi to John at the Truck Center, and congratulate him on his new promotion!