Chevrolet Volt Makes Visit to Enumclaw

Red 2011 Chevrolet Volt

Alan Gamblin has been around cars his whole life.  He rarely gets really excited about a new car that comes out.  He is pretty tight lipped when it comes to new products but when Chevrolet gave a special Chevrolet Volt to Art Gamblin Motors for Creation Fest 2011 and the Enumclaw Street Fair Alan was beyond excited.  The car blew him away and that is all he could talk about for a week.  Alan Gamblin was the only person that could drive the car from the Enumclaw Expo Center back to the dealership at night to charge up the Volt. While the Volt was with Art Gamblin Motors it consumed  0 gallons of gasoline and ran the whole time on electricity.   The Chevrolet Volt is the 2011 North American Car of the Year and if it blew Alan Gamblin away it definitely will blow you away.

Not only did Chevrolet send a Volt up from California it also sent out a product specialist from Michigan to talk with guests at Creation Fest and the Enumclaw Street Fair.  The Volt is an extended range electric car that can run up to 40 miles on pure electricity and when the electricity runs out the gas engine kicks in.  As Motortrend Magazine said about the Volt, “The Future is Here and America is Back in the Game.”

After the event Art Gamblin Motors had to say goodbye to its Chevrolet Volt.  Art Gamblin Motors will be getting its first retail Volt this fall.  So stay tuned and check out our inventory on website to see when the Volt will arrive.

2011 Chevrolet Volt Red

Creation Fest Northwest 2011

Creation Fest North West 2011

If Alan Gamblin could go back in time and change professions many would pick him to be lawyer or a politician.  After this past week at Creation Fest Northwest 2011 we all know what occupation change he would make.  Alan Gamblin has a hidden ROCK STAR hidden behind that smile.  With a T-Shirt Launcher in one hand and microphone in another everyone at Creation Fest knew who Alan Gamblin was.  Either they screamed Chevrolet, T-shirt guy or Gamblin Motors… Alan work the crowd every night like a true Rock Star.

Art Gamblin Motors was once again excited to be a sponsor at Creation Fest 2011.  The turn out was great and the weather was even better.  Gamblin Motors donated special VIP vehicles for the staff and artists for Creation Fest.  Alan Gamblin even negotiated with Chevrolet for a Chevrolet Volt to be at the event.

Saturday night was the big night as it was the closing night of the 4 day event.  The band Skillet was on hand and Chevrolet Zone Manager Ron McCants was on there to launch-shirts off the stage!

Art Gamblin Motors had a great selection of vehicles on hand which included the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible, 2011 Chevrolet Volt, 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, 2011 Chevrolet Equinox, 2012 Chevrolet Malibu and Chevrolet Silverado.

Creation Fest Northwest 2011 – I Love You Gamblin Motors

Check out the "I Cruze and Rock" t-shirt

Enumclaw Street Fair Gets a JOLT from the VOLT

The 2011 Enumclaw Street Fair was in full force on July 22 and 23  through the streets of Enumclaw. The 2011 Enumclaw Street Fair is sponsored by the Enumclaw Rotary Chapter.   Enumclaw Rotary was proud to sponsor a project that reaches out into the community, into the Puget Sound Region, to benefit all participants, invite visitors and breathe new life into the economic and cultural development of our town: The Enumclaw Street Fair.

July 22 and 23 was a busy couple of Days for Enumclaw as it was also the same weekend when Creation Fest Northwest invaded the Enumclaw Expo Center.  The Street Fair had a shuttle running every 30 minutes from the Expo Center to downtown Cole Street.  One of the big hits over the years has been Enumclaw Idol.  On Friday 20 contestants competed to be invited back for Saturdays Finals where the crown Enumclaw Idol would be claimed.

Art Gamblin Motors Chevrolet Volt

Art Gamblin Motors had a couple of vehicles on hand on the North End of Cole Street next to the local firefighters dunk tank.  The big buzz at the Gamblin Motors section was the all new Chevrolet Volt.  Chevrolet gave Art Gamblin Motors a special Chevrolet Volt for Creation Fest and the Enumclaw Street Fair.

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Cannon Master Prepares for Creation Fest Northwest

Creation Fest Northwest 2010

Art Gamblin Motors at Creation Fest Northwest 2010

In 2010 Creation Fest Northwest moved from the Gorge Amphitheatre in Eastern Washington to Enumclaw Washington.  When the city of Enumclaw agreed to host the Christian Rock Festival many residents did not know what to expect.  Promoters of the event anticipated about 20,000 visitors a day.  When such high numbers were released as the amount of traffic expected most people in town did not believe there would be a turn out of that magnitude.

Once Alan Gamblin found out about the event coming to Enumclaw he called some of the organizers and asked what he could do to help with their first attempt of hosting the concert in Enumclaw.  A great relationship was formed between the organizers and Art Gamblin Motors.  Art Gamblin Motors provided the staff and crew with vehicles.  When Alan was approached last year to go on stage and give a 1 minute blurb about Art Gamblin Motors and his community he was a little hesitant but soon a ROCK STAR WAS BORN.

Since 2010 Alan has been waiting to go back on Stage and promote Art Gamblin Motors, Chevrolet and Enumclaw.  So in anticipation for Creation Fest 2011 Alan went out and custom made Chevrolet Creation Fest 2011 t-shirts and bought a t-shirt launcher.  Yes the Gamblin Man himself went out and bought himself a t-shirt launcher.  We now refer to Alan as the “Cannon Master” watch the video and you will know why.

2011 King County Fair

2011 King County Fair

During the mid 90’s there was one thing that Tyson Gamblin always looked forward too!  No it was not football or warm weather it was the King County Fair.  Tyson devoted his early summer doing yard work for neighbors to earn enough money to spend on the carnival rides and games at the King County Fair.  The King County Fair for him was his summer highlight.  The King County Fair has not been at the level it was during the 1990’s  and it took a few years hiatus a few years ago.

Well the Fair is Back! Art Gamblin Motors was excited to be part of the new 2011 King County Fair at the Enumclaw Expo Center. This years fair included a great concert lineup and all the games and rides that Tyson Gamblin loved to be part of when he was a kid.  Art Gamblin Motors brought down a great selection of vehicles for guest to look at which included the new 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible.

Check out Shar Phillips in this video as it was his first time attending the famous King County Fair.

Buy a Chevrolet or Buick and Get Insurance for a Year

Save on Insurance with Chevrolet and Buick Through Metlife

Art Gamblin Motors was chosen by Chevrolet and Buick to pilot a test marketing program, in order to see the program’s viability before being launched across the nation.
The Chevrolet’s insurance initiative program targets the second largest expenditure for an automobile: insurance. From July 6, 2011 through September 6, 2011, anyone living in Washington or Oregon purchasing a new Chevrolet or Buick from Gamblin will receive one year’s worth of automobile insurance through MetLife Auto & Home. General Motors is paying for this coverage regardless of driving record. The customer’s only requirement is to have a valid driver’s license. Alan Gamblin said, “this is an unbelievable value for all our customers. It can save families, like my own,  over $2,000. We are glad that we have been chosen to participate in this program.”
So far the response has been overwhelming. It does not cost Art Gamblin Motors or the customer anything. In fact, customers who have insurance don’t have to participate, but many are adding the policy as a back up to their present coverage. The MetLife Auto policy received isn’t a cut rate policy, but it has coverage’s that every lender in the State of Washington require when financing a new vehicle. Already our sales are increased significantly because of this test program. We expect it to even get better as word gets out.

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Ladies Night – Heels on Wheels

Art Gamblin Motors hosted its first Ladies night on Thursday July 7, 2011.  Chevrolet had a special promotion going on that inspired this event: test drive a Chevrolet and get a free $40 Spa Gift Certificate through  As women arrived for the event, we had a valet set up so they had an opportunity to test drive a new Chevrolet to recieve a $40 Spa Finder Certificate.

Once inside, guests were treated to a catered dinner by Mazatlan Restaurant. Along with dinner, we had over 20 local vendors set up around our body shop and service area. We had a wide range of booths that included everything from a pampered chef, purses, custom clothing, jewelry, custom greeting cards and makeup.

Once everyone settled in, Tyson Gamblin Internet Coordinator and Mike Johnson Service Manager went over the nights agenda. The women broke up into four groups in order to learn something new about Auto Car and Art Gamblin Motors.  There were 4 stations :

Station #1 was led by Justin Knowles, Body Shop Manager at Art Gamblin Motors Collision Center.  Justin went over what to do in case of an accident, the steps that you should take and what shortcuts should not be taken.  Justin went over the process of exchanging information, calling the police and taking pictures of the scene.

Station #2 was directed by Mike Johnson, the Service Manager at Art Gamblin Motors Service Department.  Mike went over all the different parts that can go in your car and why factory parts are the best option.  To illustrate this, Mike took apart three air filters and fuel filters that ranged in price from good, better and best.  Mike showcased that sometimes saving a couple of dollars on a non manufactured part might cost you in the long run.

Station #3 was taught by Travis Weingard, an Auto Technician at Art Gamblin Motors Service Department.  Travis went over the proper and safest way to change a tire.  This illustration included locating a spare tire, jack, tools, and the basic steps of actually changing a tire.  A major point of emphases was making sure that the vehicle is secure before you take off a tire.

Station #4 was led byAimee Locke, a Service Advisor at Art Gamblin Motors.  Aimee created a post card of over 30 different symbols that can appear on your dash while driving or starting your vehicle.  Aimee went over which lights – although frightening looking – are not that bad, and which lights require immediate attention.

Overall it was a great night and we had a great turn out.  We had over 75 women from around the area come out to our first ladies night. We are already in the process of planning our next one for the early part of 2011.

Transformers Barbeque

Say the word “Camaro” and most kids think of Bumblee: the famous Transformer.  With the release of Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon, Art Gamblin Motorswanted to have a special showing for its employees and customers.  Art Gamblin Motors coordinated with Calvary Presbyterian Church to reserve the parking lot next to the Enumclaw Chalet Movie Theatre.  The movie was shown at 7:00 PM, but  employees and ther families arrived around 5:30 for the free dinner provided by Rainier Catering.

Gamblin Motors had the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible on hand and a couple of other good looking Chevroletsfor the get together. The weather was perfect and the building provided a nice shaded area for the barbeque.  We were excited with our turn out – we anticipated about 75 people and about 100 showed up for the festivities.

Gamblin Motors Choosen to Test 0% Financing With Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Offers 0% Financing

Gamblin Motors in Enumclaw is one of 50 dealers on the West Coast to test 0% interest loans through Wells Fargo Bank. Currently, General Motor’s only finance source that features 0% is Ally Bank (i.e. GMAC). Gamblin was chosen because we are currently partners with Wells Fargo Bank.

Rick Josie, Sales Manager said, “Wells Fargo is one of the largest lenders in the Puget Sound, and it is our dealership’s bank. This has made getting an incentivized 0% loan much easier for our customers. I am hoping this will expand to other areas and that we will be able to continue to serve our local customer with a bank that has Enumclaw ties.”

The Enumclaw ties that Josie is referring to is the former CEO of Wells Fargo Bank, Dick Kovacevich. Kovacevich – an Enumclaw High School graduate – was named the 2003 Banker of the Year during his tenure as head of Wells Fargo.