Steak and Beans

A little competition never hurt anyone.  For the month of July the newly appointed manager John Vanwieringen at the Truck Center challenged Tom Rebek manager of the Main Store to a friendly wager.

Whoever sold the most cars between the two locations would eat a steak dinner while the other ate beans.  A bet was set and as July came to a close the thought of steak was on the minds for many of the sales people.

Tom Rebek and the Main Store which consisted of Scott Ledford, Dale Dunks, Chris Streuli, Shar Phillips and Sal Roccaforte won the wager.  Alan Gamblin hosted the dinner at his home where he served steak to the victors.  While the main store ate steak the Truck Center crew got a hearty helping of beans.

The Winners get Steak!

Nice Evening Eating Steak and Beans

Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament

Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament

Art Gamblin Motors participated in the 2011 Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament at Enumclaw Golf Course on August 3, 2011.  The weather could not have been better for the event.  The Chamber of Commerce announced it was the largest turnout for the tournament on record.  It was a Shotgun Start with about 30+ teams.

Team Gamblin Motors consisted of Tyson Gamblin, Teddy Sherwood, Jaren Jokela and John Vanwieringen.  The fearsome foursome started on the par 3 3rd hole.  Teddy Sherwood wanted to thank the Chamber of Commerce for putting team Gamblin Motors right behind the Fugate Ford Team.  Teddy said that driving into the competition wasn’t a bad thing nor on purpose.  Teddy was the long man of the day as he won the long drive competition on the Par 4 11th hole.

Hillary Gamblin and Sophia Gamblin

Hillary and Sophia Gamblin hard at working handing out water and grapes

There was a great turn out of sponsors and Sophia and Hillary Gamblin were on the Par 3 7th Hole handing out Gamblin Motors Water Bottles and Grapes.

Team Gamblin Motors put together an impressive round of 13 under but was unable to bring home the title but walked away with 2nd place.  You can see more pictures at Gamblin Motors Facebook Page.