Enumclaw Schools Foundation

Enumclaw Schools Foundation (ESF) is a non-profit organization working to further enrich the academic experience of Enumclaw students. As a sponsor of ESF events, Gamblin Motors shares the vision that all students deserve an educational experience that paves the way for a successful future.

Since its inception in 2010, ESF has awarded $110,000 in grants to Enumclaw School District staff. Hardworking teachers create innovative curriculums to enhance their students’ learning experience. These creative projects are then presented to ESF for funding. 88 Enrichment and Innovation grants have been awarded to date. Past projects have included summer reading programs, teaching respect through dance education, studying wildlife life cycles resulting in the release of salmon fry into the local rivers, and many more creative programs. ESF is currently working with the Enumclaw School District to implement the new “Birth to Five” initiative by funding READY! for Kindergarten™ classes for parents and children.

ESF enriches learning experiences beyond the basic funding allotted through the state. Through fundraising and generous donations, ESF is able to supplement the curriculum with innovative programs for students. To learn more about ESF and how you can donate and support, visit http://www.enumclawschoolsfoundation.org/. Another easy way to support ESF is through the Amazon Smile program. You shop and a portion of your proceeds will be donated directly to ESF: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/59-3830191. We hope you will join us in supporting the Enumclaw Schools Foundation and their mission of helping students achieve greatness.

2017 EHS Photo Contest Winner

Over the past few years, Gamblin Motors has sponsored a photo contest for Enumclaw High School students. The students are given a month to send us their very best photos. These photos are uploaded to our Facebook page. Our Facebook followers are asked to vote for the favorite photo. Students encourage their friends and family to vote for their photo. At the end of the contest, the photo with the most likes wins. The winner receives $250.

As the photos started rolling in, we were blown away by the quality of photo entries we received. All of these entries were truly amazing. This year we received more than twenty eight photos from Enumclaw High School students. Ethan Decker, a tenth grader, won the photo contest this year.

Thank you to all the students who participated, and thank you to all our friends for voting for these amazing photos. We look forward to hosting another photo contest again next year. Be on the look out for our contest in May.

Meet the New President

Alan Gamblin was named 2017/2018 President of the Washington State Auto Dealers Association (WSADA) at the organization’s annual convention last month. WASADA is an organization that develops and promotes legislation to help dealer franchises, eliminate regular increases in the cost of doing business in Washington, and trying to protect costs for consumers. They also support dealers in their commitment to operate their dealerships in a fair and honest manner. Gamblin Motors has been involved with WASADA for years.

“When I succeeded my father as the Chevrolet dealer in Enumclaw, he told me to get involved and support the Washington State Auto Dealers Association because they do so much for our business,” Alan said. “Over the years whenever I’ve been asked by the Association to help, I’ve remembered my father’s counsel and done it. As the new WSADA President, my goal is to help connect more dealers with their elected officials in Olympia, especially the many new legislators. It is important that local and state officials understand our business so they can make informed decisions when it comes to regulation and taxation that affect our customers, community, and business.”

One of WASADA’s purposes is to help our elected officials understand the role auto dealers play in their communities around the state. Founded in 1920, the Association’s 294 dealer members serve 70 cities and towns across Washington and are responsible for annual sales volume totaling $15 billion. Together, they employ over 21,000 people with a combined payroll of more than $1.08 billion. An average dealership creates 69 local jobs, each paying on average over $54,000 per year plus benefits. Their dealership sales total 14.2% of the state’s retail sales, generating hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue for state and local governments through sales, corporate, and payroll tax revenue.

“It is also important to help the new generation coming into our industry,” he continued. “My father, like many former dealers before me, served in World War II when cars and business were not as complex. I’ve watched the automobile industry dramatically change over the last four decades, and it’s important to help the rising generation continue to be successful.”