New Owner’s Clinic

New Owners Clinic 2

Once a month we offer a New Owner’s Clinic to our customers who’ve purchased a new Chevy or Buick from us. This is a great opportunity to discover our dealership, enroll in our Oil Changes on Us Program, learn some easy great maintenance tips on maintaining your car, and eat a great breakfast.

For those that have not been able to attend, here is a little glimpse into the VIP treatment we give to each of our new vehicle customers.

  • Free Breakfast, provided by ‘The Kettle’, for your entire party (no size limit)
  • Opportunity to Enroll in our Oil Changes On Us Program
  • ‘Tech Talk’ – Interact with our Service/Part/Body Shop Managers as well as Dave Cooper, GM World Class Technician about your New GM vehicle
  • ‘Meet & Greet’ – Chance to meet/socialize with our owner Alan Gamblin and his wife Jeri.
  • Free Drawings for numerous prizes/coupons/discounts

If you have missed the most recent clinic, there will be another in a few weeks. We sincerely hope you will join us for an hour or so of food, information and prizes.

Thank you again for your business!

New Owner's Clinic 2

Gamblin Motors New Owners Clinic

It’s not too often that the place to be at Gamblin Motors is in the body shop. But for this ‘New Owners Clinic’ that was the case. The purpose of the clinic was to explain that at Art Gamblin motors when you buy a vehicle with them that not all she wrote. It should be your location for any vehicle needs. Whether you get in a collision and need auto repair or your car gets dirty and you need to get it washed it should be the center for all car services Seattle. Tom Rockwood who is in charge of financing at the Enumclaw Dealership explained the advantages of extending your service agreement. Or how they are very competitive with tire sales and can mark them down. Also the fact that even if you don’t have a Chevy you can feel free to bring your cars in for repair or maintenance. But there were also several light hearted festivities going on such as raffling off some Chevy attire like hats and sweatshirts. Even Alan Gamblin threw some trivia to the audience asking who was on the 20 dollar and when answered correctly was given that 20! But hold on nobody left with empty stomach it was a catered dinner by the always delicious Enumclaw Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant. So what can we take away from this? If you purchase a vehicle here then its your one stop destination for any Tacoma area vehicle problems and always know your presidents cause you never know when you could win some money off it.


Ladies Night – Heels on Wheels

Art Gamblin Motors hosted its first Ladies night on Thursday July 7, 2011.  Chevrolet had a special promotion going on that inspired this event: test drive a Chevrolet and get a free $40 Spa Gift Certificate through  As women arrived for the event, we had a valet set up so they had an opportunity to test drive a new Chevrolet to recieve a $40 Spa Finder Certificate.

Once inside, guests were treated to a catered dinner by Mazatlan Restaurant. Along with dinner, we had over 20 local vendors set up around our body shop and service area. We had a wide range of booths that included everything from a pampered chef, purses, custom clothing, jewelry, custom greeting cards and makeup.

Once everyone settled in, Tyson Gamblin Internet Coordinator and Mike Johnson Service Manager went over the nights agenda. The women broke up into four groups in order to learn something new about Auto Car and Art Gamblin Motors.  There were 4 stations :

Station #1 was led by Justin Knowles, Body Shop Manager at Art Gamblin Motors Collision Center.  Justin went over what to do in case of an accident, the steps that you should take and what shortcuts should not be taken.  Justin went over the process of exchanging information, calling the police and taking pictures of the scene.

Station #2 was directed by Mike Johnson, the Service Manager at Art Gamblin Motors Service Department.  Mike went over all the different parts that can go in your car and why factory parts are the best option.  To illustrate this, Mike took apart three air filters and fuel filters that ranged in price from good, better and best.  Mike showcased that sometimes saving a couple of dollars on a non manufactured part might cost you in the long run.

Station #3 was taught by Travis Weingard, an Auto Technician at Art Gamblin Motors Service Department.  Travis went over the proper and safest way to change a tire.  This illustration included locating a spare tire, jack, tools, and the basic steps of actually changing a tire.  A major point of emphases was making sure that the vehicle is secure before you take off a tire.

Station #4 was led byAimee Locke, a Service Advisor at Art Gamblin Motors.  Aimee created a post card of over 30 different symbols that can appear on your dash while driving or starting your vehicle.  Aimee went over which lights – although frightening looking – are not that bad, and which lights require immediate attention.

Overall it was a great night and we had a great turn out.  We had over 75 women from around the area come out to our first ladies night. We are already in the process of planning our next one for the early part of 2011.