Enumclaw Schools Foundation

Enumclaw Schools Foundation (ESF) is a non-profit organization working to further enrich the academic experience of Enumclaw students. As a sponsor of ESF events, Gamblin Motors shares the vision that all students deserve an educational experience that paves the way for a successful future.

Since its inception in 2010, ESF has awarded $110,000 in grants to Enumclaw School District staff. Hardworking teachers create innovative curriculums to enhance their students’ learning experience. These creative projects are then presented to ESF for funding. 88 Enrichment and Innovation grants have been awarded to date. Past projects have included summer reading programs, teaching respect through dance education, studying wildlife life cycles resulting in the release of salmon fry into the local rivers, and many more creative programs. ESF is currently working with the Enumclaw School District to implement the new “Birth to Five” initiative by funding READY! for Kindergarten™ classes for parents and children.

ESF enriches learning experiences beyond the basic funding allotted through the state. Through fundraising and generous donations, ESF is able to supplement the curriculum with innovative programs for students. To learn more about ESF and how you can donate and support, visit http://www.enumclawschoolsfoundation.org/. Another easy way to support ESF is through the Amazon Smile program. You shop and a portion of your proceeds will be donated directly to ESF: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/59-3830191. We hope you will join us in supporting the Enumclaw Schools Foundation and their mission of helping students achieve greatness.

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