Steak and Beans

A little competition never hurt anyone.  For the month of July the newly appointed manager John Vanwieringen at the Truck Center challenged Tom Rebek manager of the Main Store to a friendly wager.

Whoever sold the most cars between the two locations would eat a steak dinner while the other ate beans.  A bet was set and as July came to a close the thought of steak was on the minds for many of the sales people.

Tom Rebek and the Main Store which consisted of Scott Ledford, Dale Dunks, Chris Streuli, Shar Phillips and Sal Roccaforte won the wager.  Alan Gamblin hosted the dinner at his home where he served steak to the victors.  While the main store ate steak the Truck Center crew got a hearty helping of beans.

The Winners get Steak!

Nice Evening Eating Steak and Beans

March Salesperson of the Month- Dale Dunks


Art Gamblin Motors would like to congratulate  Dale Dunks on being the top salesman for the month of March!

His words carry weight that would break a less interesting mans jaw. He is the life of parties he has never attended. He bowls…. Overhand. He is….. the most interesting salesperson in the world.

Let It Snow Let It Snow

Brushing off snow on your car is a pain, but  think about doing it for over 250 vehicles!  Not fun.

Dale Dunks with Art Gamblin Motors had a unique and very productive way to take the snow off the cars on our lot.  We tried to get an official measurement of the snow fall  but Dale was to busy getting the snow off the cars for the last day of the Thanksgiving Sale before we could get an official measurement.  Reports have been circulating of 8 inches of snow fall in Enumclaw and other reports saying all the way to 13 inches.  Definitely a record snow fall for Enumclaw before Thanksgiving.  The kids loved the snow as school was cancelled and we are anticipating that the whole week is going to be canceled as well.  Now if you ever needed remote vehicle start, days like this make it worth having.