Louisiana Flood Relief


When Gamblin Motors employee Mark Maxey headed to New Orleans for a family vacation, he was not prepared for the devastation he would see on the way to their destination. As the plane began its descent into New Orleans, Mark was able to see firsthand the flood waters covering most of the greater Baton Rouge area.  Despite being in the area five days after the waters had crested and started to recede, only outlines of streets were visible and homes were still fighting off water. Mark explained, “There was more water than land, and we were there after the worst of it.” Mark came home determined to share what he had seen and find a way to help. The National Auto Dealers Association was also determined to offer assistance to the flood victims through the NADA National Relief Fund. Gamblin Motors employees were able to raise $1,500 to donate to the fund and help fellow dealership families affected by the flooding.  

The NADA National Relief Fund was established in 1992 and since its inception has donated almost $5 million to more than 8,700 dealership employees in need. The fund provides immediate assistance to dealership families hit hard by natural disasters. With the Louisiana flooding, an estimated 140,000 individuals were displaced due to the flooding, 1,500 of which were dealership families. The majority of the homes affected by the flooding were not located in floodplains and not insured for flood damage; flooding of this magnitude was unprecedented and unthinkable. These people are in desperate need and Gamblin Motors employees were looking to do their part in helping fellow automobile industry families with their recovery.

Gamblin Motors offered to match all employee donations to help the flooding victims. Employees raised $750 and Gamblin Motors matched these funds to bring the total donation to $1,500. NADA called on all dealerships across the country to donate $1,000 to reach their goal of $2 million in aid. Gamblin Motors was determined to do more with their contribution. We continue to think of all those affected by the Louisiana floods and encourage all to determine how they might help flood victims in need. To learn more about the NADA Emergency Relief Fund, go to www.nada.org/EmergencyRelief/.

EHS Football Carwash


With the recent success of the Seattle Seahawks it seems that everyone is a football fan these days in the Puget Sound area.  Here at Art Gamblin Motors we have been loyal Enumclaw High School Football fans.  It goes all the way back to the early 1970’s with Alan Gamblin playing for the Hornets.  Decades later the two Gamblin boys (Tyson and Andrew) wore the maroon and gold for the mighty Hornets. We love our Football here in Enumclaw.  The tradition continues with our strong support of Enumclaw Athletics and the football program.


This past May marked the 9th Annual Enumclaw High School Football Car Wash.  This is the 8th year that Art Gamblin Motors has hosted the car wash at its Truck Center location.  This is a great spring time event in Enumclaw and most residents can’t wait to get their car washed from eager football players. This is not your normal car wash.  Within an 8 hour period the football players will wash around 400 vehicles.  Art Gamblin Motors loves clearing out their front row at the Truck Center to allow three lanes of rinsing, washing and drying.  The football player’s pre sell car wash tickets and what they earn goes directly into their summer camp fund.  This year the Enumclaw Football team will be traveling east of the mountains to Central Washington University football camp.


After the cars are washed drivers are asked by Enumclaw High School cheerleaders to take a test drive.  For every test drive Art Gamblin Motors donated $20 per test drive.  Art Gamblin Motors was excited to donate $1000 to the Enumclaw High School cheerleaders.


If you missed the car wash this year keep your eye on the Gamblin Motors Facebook page to find out the date of next May’s car wash.