May’s Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month Caren

Congratulations to Caren Radford for being named May’s Employee of the Month. Caren has been working for us since 2008, and she quickly proved herself as an invaluable asset. We’re convinced she knows everyone in town. Every customer that walks through the door feels loved and welcome.  We will miss her greatly as she and Jack move into a new phase in their life.  Congrats Caren!

April’s Employee of the Month

Tracer Olinger Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Tracer Olinger for being named April’s Employee of the Month. You can always find Tracer helping other employees and customers.  He has worked with us since 2011. He currently works in the Parts Department Shipping and Receiving; you can also find Tracer traveling around in our parts truck. Congrats Tracer!

March’s Employee of the Month

Lisa Eng

Congratulation to Lisa Eng for being named March’s Employee of the month. She is the friendly and welcoming face of the Gamblin Collision Center. Lisa handles all the paperwork, including completing repair orders, insurance billings, payroll, and back-up estimating. She began working for us in 2005, but took several years off after the birth of her last daughter. She came back to work in 2011 and enjoys her part-time schedule so she can get her two daughters off to school and be home when they get out.    Congratulations Lisa!

Sarah Buonocore: October Employee of the Month

Sarah BunacoreInstagram

Congratulations to Sarah Buonocore for being named October’s Employee of the Month.  This month marks Sarah’s ten year anniversary at Gamblin Motors. Beginning as a cashier and receptionist, Sarah’s hard work and dedication led to new positions and responsibilities within the dealership. These new opportunities allowed Sarah to learn many different aspects of the car business and prepared her for her current position of Office Manager and personal assistant to the CEO, Alan Gamblin. Sarah reflects our core values of Honesty, Friendliness and Professionalism in her interactions with each of our customers and employees. Sarah is an indispensable member of the Gamblin team and beloved by her coworkers for her helpful and friendly nature.  Congratulations Sarah!

September Employee of the Month: Scott Mawdsley

Employee of Month Scott Mawdsely

Congrats to Scott Mawdsley for being named September’s Employee of the Month. Being the friendly and welcoming face of the parts department, Scott treats every guest as a member of his own family and helps each person find the exact part they need for the vehicle. Scott has been with Gamblin Motors since 2012 and strives to learn something new each day about his fellow employees. Scott is the one who organizes employee birthday party potlucks and Saturday lunches. He loves getting to know employees and customers. Congratulations Scott!

August Employee of the Month: Dale Dunks

Dale Dunks Employee of the MonthCongratulations to Dale Dunks for being named August’s Employee of the Month.  Dale joined our sales team in 2006, and does a fantastic job delivering great customer service. You can always find Dale going the extra mile for his customers.  Dale was born and raised here in Enumclaw, and loves the car business.  Dale is the Father of one son and is expecting another child in a few weeks.  He loves to spend time with family, checking out muscle cars, working around the house, or hiking in the mountains.