2017 EHS Photo Contest Winner

Over the past few years, Gamblin Motors has sponsored a photo contest for Enumclaw High School students. The students are given a month to send us their very best photos. These photos are uploaded to our Facebook page. Our Facebook followers are asked to vote for the favorite photo. Students encourage their friends and family to vote for their photo. At the end of the contest, the photo with the most likes wins. The winner receives $250.

As the photos started rolling in, we were blown away by the quality of photo entries we received. All of these entries were truly amazing. This year we received more than twenty eight photos from Enumclaw High School students. Ethan Decker, a tenth grader, won the photo contest this year.

Thank you to all the students who participated, and thank you to all our friends for voting for these amazing photos. We look forward to hosting another photo contest again next year. Be on the look out for our contest in May.

2017 EHS Photo Contest

Over the past few years, Gamblin Motors has sponsored a photo contest for EHS students. The students are given two weeks to send us their very best photos. These photos are uploaded to our Facebook page. Our Facebook followers are asked to vote for the favorite photo. Students encourage their friends and family to vote for their photo. At the end of the contest, the photo with the most likes and comments wins. The winner receives $250. Participants need to be a current student of Enumclaw High School, and they are allowed to submit up to five photos.

Our 2017 contest kicks off this next week. Students can send us their photos beginning May 23. They will be uploaded to our Facebook page the next day. The contest runs from June 23-June 5. The Winner will be announced on June 6. Get ready to vote for your favorite photo.

Here are the instructions for interested EHS students:

Contest Instructions

-Save Photo with your name using this format: First_Last _Grade

-Email Photo to corigamblin@gmail.com Your photo will be uploaded to Gamblin Motor’s Facebook page the next day.

-Spread the word to get the most likes for your photo on Gamblin Motor’s Facebook page.

-The photo with the most likes wins $250 cash.

Helpful Hints

  1. Like Art Gamblin Motors on FB
  2. Get your photo in soon. (If your photo is one of the first posted, it will be up the longest.)
  3. Spread the word on your FB page.
  4. Repost our photo contest posts on your wall.
  5. Have friends and family also post your contest photo on their wall.

The more people who see your photo the more votes you will get.

Art Gamblin Memorial Scholarship


This year marks the fourteenth year of the Art Gamblin Memorial Scholarship.  Since its inception, the fund has awarded scholarships to twenty-seven Enumclaw High School scholar athletes. These awards mark a combined total of $27,000 of scholarship funds designated to help students achieve their post-secondary school goals. We are proud to announce this year’s scholarship recipients and their future educational pursuits: Kylie Rademacher, Pacific Lutheran University, and Dylan Miller, Central Washington University.

The Art Gamblin Memorial Scholarship aims to recognize students who excel in academics, leadership and athletics. These qualities and skills were important to Art Gamblin starting at a young age. Academics played a strong role in the Gamblin family. Art learned first hand the importance of education by watching his single mother go to school and become a teacher during the Great Depression. He was literally surrounded by school at all times as the family later lived in the basement of the schoolhouse where his mother taught. His love for learning led him to become a teacher himself. While teaching and coaching high school in Sandpoint, Idaho, he found a new passion and career path during a summer sales job at the local Chevrolet dealership.  Art’s friendly nature and leadership skills made him a successful car man, and this led to Art buying the local Chevrolet dealership in Enumclaw, Washington.  The Gamblins quickly fell in love with Enumclaw and rooted their family in the community. For many years Art could be heard yelling from the stands as he cheered on his Enumclaw Hornet children and grandchildren. It is with this memory in mind that the friends and family of Art Gamblin continue to cheer and recognize the amazing scholar athletes from Enumclaw High School.

Every school year one senior boy and one senior girl are each awarded $500 a year for the course of two years. The money is earmarked for their continued educational aspirations. In the spring we welcome all graduating senior submissions for the Art Gamblin Memorial Scholarship. Teachers and administrators from Enumclaw High School comprise the selection committee and look for students with outstanding efforts in academics, athletics, community service and leadership. Gamblin Motors was Art Gamblin’s legacy, and we are proud to honor outstanding student achievement in his name.

Tyson Gamblin makes a trip to EHS

Recently Tyson Gamblin took some time to go visit some classrooms at Enumclaw High School and talk to students about how things such as there studies in school will help them with there careers in life. One particular class he visited was Mr.Lovelford’s math class. Lovelford said ‘ I think the lesson taught by Tyson gave students a chance to see the stuff we are learning is used in the real world every day.’ Which is true as the students also appreciated the fact that somebody from an industry was using these math techniques instead of just another teacher. Mr.Lovelford said ‘ students got something out of this and learned some very valuable information about things such as predictions in the industry.’ Also in exchange for Mr.Gamblins lesson Mr.Lovelford gave him some Chutney and a nice card!

Enumclaw Homecoming game sponsored by Gamblin Motors

With the stands at Pete’s Pool filled to the max, it was a loud venue for the visiting Auburn Mountain View Lions. That didn’t stop them from coming out of the gates fired up. They drew first blood to take a 7-0 lead 7 minutes into the first quarter. The Hornets’ 12th Man stayed loud and positive which motivated junior Bryson Grant to get a nice kick return to set up the Enumclaw offense. That was eventually stopped by the Lions with an interception.

The second quarter came up fast and the Hornet defense was caught off guard and allowed another Auburn Mountain View touchdown only 2 minutes in to the second. The Hornets’ offense has some struggles this year but turned it around this drive as a couple runs by sophomore back Cameron Strecker set up a Quarterback Scramble from Tyler Carlson. The stands got loud as they got to show off what Enumclaw spirit really looked like while the homecoming bell and siren went off to add to the noise of the celebration.

6 minutes remained in the half as the hornets looked to give the ball back to the lions. But it was all downhill for the rest of the first half for the Hornets.  The Lions had an untouched kick return to make the score 21-7 in favor of Mountain View. The Enumclaw offense came out looking to repeat what happened last time but came short and went 4 and out. The hot and fired up Lion’s offense took the field and with some nice passes led to another touchdown in the air.

Hold on. The end of the chaotic finish of the first half did not end yet. With less than 20 seconds on the clock, Enumclaw threw an interception to the linebacker of the Lions who ran until tackled by Tyler Carlson and Erick Ritzdorf on their own 2. That setup the last play of the first half which was a quick slant route scoring for Lions. The ending score of the first half was 34-7. The Hornets trying to defend their title of never losing to Auburn Mountain View was on the line. How would they finish?

After the homecoming halftime festivities came to a conclusion, the Hornets and Lions came back out on to the new turf to find the relatively same story as the first half.  The only score of the 3rd quarter was a result of a touchdown reception from the 6’2 junior wide receiver Adam Cosgrove. Could it be the turning point of the game? Well in the early minutes of the 4th, the lions QB did a little 2 yard sneak to poke it in the end zone to pad the lead in their favor.

After some good defensive drives from both sides, Auburn Mountain View scored for the last time of the game to make their lead to 48-14. But the sophomore running back Cameron Strecker had enough to motivate him to power his way up the field and to get the 6 points and final score of Enumclaw. Enumclaw goes on to make the PAT to make the final score 48-21 Auburn Mountain View. That’s all she wrote at Pete’s Pool this year for Enumclaw’s homecoming game sponsored by Art Gamblin motors.

Enumclaw Football Car Wash

Art Gamblin Motors hosted the 3rd annual Enumclaw High School Football car wash at the Truck Center on Saturday.  It was a great event for the Hornet Football team which put on the car wash to earn money for Summer Football Camp at the University of Puget Sound.  It was an all day affair for the football players as over 300 cars were washed.  The weather could have not been better, the sun was out and many of the players went home with sunburns.

Art Gamblin Motors Truck Center

Before the car wash even started each player was given tickets to go out and pre-sale.  Each ticket was sold for $10 and whatever the athlete earned went directly to their football camp budget.  Many of the players sold enough tickets to pay for all their camp which is in July.  Not only did Gamblin Motors host the car wash they added to the event by offering free car wash coupons to customers and facebook fans.  The Quick Lube joined in fundraising as they donated 10% of all sales to the Enumclaw Football Foundation.

The car wash lasted 8 hours with the seniors starting off the morning at 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.  At 8:00 AM there was a line of cars piling up and this was a common theme through out the day.  The Sophomores relieved the Seniors and took the 10:00AM to 12:00 PM shift.  To take on the lunch rush was the Junior class which took over at 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM.  The newest addition to Enumclaw High School football closed out the car wash as the incoming freshman picked up washed mits and went to work.  The car wash ended around 4:00 PM and over 300 cars washed!

We hope you stopped by… If not there is always next year!